Start from love

Love what you do, who with, and what for. I love people as much as animals, the more than anywhere else, analog as much as digital, and being a human more than any other identity. Currently, I'm leading design systems and building a better pharmacy at Alto. Previously, I was the Design Director at Starcity, flew solo, brought design systems to Uber, and launched Beats Music (which eventually turned into Apple Music).

Sure, a track record is nice, but my superpower? Flexing my soft 1 Includes but not limited to: listening to understand, coordinating efforts, making work fun, prioritizing humans over business, brevity, occasional wit. 1 skills. I navigate the world through emotion2 Who knew that coming of age at the same time as emo music would be the stepping stones for a gratifying career working with and helping others?2—a deep relationship with my own and an innate curiosity to understand others’. I use that, plus rooted values, to guide every decision from “What’s our strategy?” to “What’s for dinner?”

This journey is a total riot and I’m having the time of my life. If you want to come along, I promise it’ll be fun.

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Still curious? See an old-ass version of my portfolio here!